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 8 Month Training Course
 A Private Students Mentoring Group (Valued At $1997)
 7 Diplomas (based on test scores) 
 Optional Attunement to Levels 1 and 2 in Cosmic Polarity Reiki System (Valued At $997)
 Usui Reiki Training and Certification (Valued At $997)
 Ongoing Group Coaching Sessions Led by Sri Namaste - LIVE Teachings  (Valued At $2997)
 One Free Year Membership/Listing in the Well Woman Wisdom Association Directory  (Valued At $397)
 12 Months Access To All Materials in the Well Woman Wisdom Program  (Valued At $2497)
 Well Woman Wisdom Mug & Notebook!! (Valued At $97)
TOTAL VALUE: $15,776
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Read What Women Are Saying About Well Woman Wisdom... 

A fantastic way for women to create a business that is in alignment with healing, health, and whole-ness!...

...I know that everything Sri Namaste teaches and transmits is infused with grace, healing energy, and Divine femininity. It is my deepest desire to heal the distortions that have gotten in the way of my knowing my own Divine Feminine nature. I know that her body of work is a safe space for me to explore my Essence and release aspects of myself that do not serve my expansion. 

Sri Namaste is so much more than words can express, but I have described her as the ideal mother, who expresses unconditional love, acceptance, and wisdom. She is always able to help me re-orient my compass back Home. 

This program is life-changing on so many levels, and my family, and everyone in my sphere of influence are benefitting. This wisdom has the power to literally transform generations of women. 
~Angie Meinhardt

I have grown so much as a wife, as a woman, and as a mother....

When I originally joined the Well Woman Wisdom Practitioner Program, I wasn’t really sure of all that I wanted. I just, for some reason, KNEW that I NEEDED it. Since being in the program, I have grown so much as a wife, as a woman, and as a mother. I feel so much more deeply connected to myself, to my King, and to my children, in a way that I never even knew was possible. 

And the WWW3ppit Sisters? Wow!! The support and encouragement from my WWW3ppit Sisters is sooooo amazing. We have created a lifelong bond of Sisterhood and support that will not only nurture our businesses, but our personal lives, as well. 

The kind of support we can offer women as a result of Mama Namaste’s program is like nothing I have ever experienced before, even though I’ve been a health coach for over 7 years. I am soooo looking forward to supporting women who are truly ready to embody what it means to be a WHOLE and healthy Feminine Woman. 

If you are a Woman who is tired of always being told that there is something “wrong” with you that needs to be fixed and you want to receive and experience WHOLENESS on levels so deep, you never even knew they existed, then YES, Mama Namaste’s Well Woman Wisdom Practitioner Program is definitely for you. Whether you choose to offer these tools as a business or not, this program will truly change your life. ~ A'Tondra Vinchealle

I Love This Program!!!

..because I desire to help women connect with themselves in beautiful, whole-ing ways, first by deepening in my own connection and devotion, and then being able to give from the overflow. 

Sri Namaste is my guru. Her words are coated in honey and cayenne - her knowledge is full of love, wisdom, heat, and nurturing. Her teachings helped me most by always bringing me back to the whole - to fully integrating, applying, and understanding that all is connected. This interconnectedness is where healing lies, and is the most valuable way that I can help other women - by supporting and uplifting her wholeness. 

I learned The Seven Medicines, which changed the way I view all things, honestly. It requires I slow down and feel into a thing more, instead of immediately looking to herbally medicate to address symptoms. 

I look forward to providing love, support, and connection to other women based on what I've learned in this program!!   ~Tonnille Williams

Her Teachings Helped Me...

Sri Namaste is one of the most experienced teachers I have ever known. Her teachings helped me to get to know my body intimately and understand that my periods (which were so heavy I thought were trying to kill me) are actually working FOR me, not against me.

WWWPT gave me a true understanding of how to plan in my business as a woman who has a menstrual cycle. I now know when to plan big meetings and when is the time to rest and even the purpose of my feelings before I am due on my period and how it can serve my business (I just thought I was a hormonal mess!)

I would recommend WWWPT to women who want to reconnect to their bodies in a powerful way in order to give themselves the most pleasure (the course recommends an orgasm a day - hello!) And that we are allowed to be as sexual and connected to ourselves without limitation or shame.  ~Sharleen Linton

I knew I had not found my healing modality yet....

I joined Www because I knew i hadn't found my healing modality yet. I was waiting for it. I was dreaming about it. Sri Namaste is the most prestine facet of genuine essence that I have ever experienced and I trusted get complete to guide me and show me the way. 

I learned how to see beyond paradigms the were constricting my reality and keeping me from wholeness. 

I look forward to the whole-ing of my fellow sisters of the world through the practices and methods of connection offers d through this program. I want to help women reclaim their feminine essence and connect with their wombs 

I recommended www to women are looking for empowerment and freedom through pleasure, spiritual connection and the wisdom of the women that flow through their veins.   ~Katie Onyekere

This course is unlike ANYthing I've ever...

This course is unlike ANYthing I’ve ever come across. Sri Ma has created a space where women of all races, nationalities, ethnicities, education and professional levels commune together to support one another and learn from a true Divine Metaphysician. I recommend this training to ALL women who desire to know themselves on a deeper level. Whether you’re a seasoned professional who desires to add this incredible body of knowledge to your current repertoire or a woman seeking answers to personal questions on self care, feminine embodiment, relationships, motherhood, menses, orgasms, partnerships, etc., whatEVER you seek Guru Goddess Sri Namaste Moore has been Divinely chosen to guide you towards your answers. 

~ Lakiia

I Was Looking For a Way To Help..

...myself and women in my circle go through the natural changes and stages that a woman goes through in her lifetime and support women in my community better..  Namaste is like a being of pure love her teachings have help me to To heal in the places that I knew I needed to heal and the places that I didn’t know I needed to heal

I have learned to trust my intuition and my instinct this has helped me to better serve my clients my family and myself

This experience has healed much of my past experiences with women and going forward I have noticed I have a now have much different relationship with a woman in my life-

I took this course thinking what I would learn would help me help other women but through it I have went far down the path of healing myself - the experience and the healing can not be measured in monetary currency- it is life changing

~Nichole Encke
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