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‘Women are fortunate enough to have an internal map that gives them directions on the most promising times for everything they do’
-Dr Rebecca Orleane
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Monthly Friend 

Aunt Flo 

Time of the Month

 On the Rag 

These are some of the terms we use to describe our menstrual cycle. Sadly most women are raised to feel feelings ranging from disinterest, inconvenience to pain and anger in regard to this monthly occurrence. As the average length of a period is 5 days and the average length of PMS is 5 to 14 (!!!) days - that means that most women are in a tidal wave of emotion and hormonal flux - some of us down right suffering for MOST of the month

How Crazy Is That???

When I was in my teens my moontime (the term I prefer for my period) was 7 days - with the first few days being extremely painful. As I got older and had children the pain lessened considerably but the emotional changes increased and the length remained the same.

I felt resentful for the way my moon interrupted my month, irritability around my emotions being outside of my control and concern over the use of "feminine hygiene products". In addition with the birth of my daughter I wanted to be able to bring her into her moon consciously and joyfully.

I wasn't sure what to do about my own moon and I began to study, research and seek Spirit Guidance as far as aiding in my coming into balance and finding out how to menstruate powerfully.

I'm super Excited to offer this class on Moon Mysteries. This is really 3 classes in 1 - because I adore pouring it all out there and giving women everything you need to connect your many facets. 

This class is based on my 12+ years of delving into the Moon Mysteries, 20+ years of studying herbalism and the female reproductive cycle and 15+ years connecting to what I call the Yoni Mysteries.

 Moon Mysteries Course
This component unfolds the power, purpose and passion of Menstruation beyond what you have been told. In this class you'll discover:
  • What is the spiritual power in a womans bleeding time?
  • Why the emotional turmoil and how to come into balance with it?
  • When is the most powerful time for you to create externally?
  • What reproductive issues mean spiritually and energetically?
  • When is the most powerful time to create internally?
  • What about a woman who has had a hysterectomy? How can she connect to this power?
  • The Croning years - When do they begin? What do they mean?
  • How To Work WITH Your Moon..and What Gifts She Is Offering You.
  • Rituals, Tools and Techniques To Tap Into The Moon Mysteries
your Hormonal Health...
This component looks into our hormones- those little things that are under estimated and often villianized as a source of grief and confusion. In this component you'll learn:
  • Herbs and foods for bringing your body back into balance
  • Why so many women are struggling physically with issues with their womb, breasts, vagina and cervix
  • What things to avoid if you're having concerns in this area
  • Recipes for drinks, foods, infusions to balance your hormones.
  • What is a "normal" cycle really.
  • Natural ways to help with PMS, pre-menopause, and hysterectomy issues.
the Yoni Secrets...
This component brings in your connection to your Sexuality and Sex organs. We'll go on a juicy pleasurable exploration of your Yoni. This class holds a lot of mystery and it will teach you:
  • The role of orgasm in Female health - How many and How often?
  • How to cultivate more pleasure and full body orgasms
  • The difference between Self Love and Masturbation.
  • How can your Yoni bring Healing to your partner.
  • Sex Magick - for one or more!
  • Practices to really deeply learn to love and connect to your Yoni
  • Yoni meditations
How the Moon Mysteries eCourse works:
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This class includes:
  •   8 Videos
  •   3 Workbooks
  •   Meditations
  •   Practices
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  •   Plus Bonuses!!!!
I'm learning to REALLY love & accept myself, as well as others. That fills me with hope for a better future in my relationships, friendships, sisterhood, health, wealth, and everything else authentically fulfilling.

- Jaime Brannan
Being able to take the abstract essence of BEING feminine and have practical ways to embody the feminine helps take the question of " am I doing it right?" out of the picture. You give us things to look for and recognize as the power of our influence in the feminine. Most of ALL, it's YOU. You show up in your feminine and allow us to experience it without it feeling like pressure to get something at the end. You offer an invitation that is warm and welcoming like hot chocolate with whipped cream on top after playing in the snow. It makes you want to indulge and go deeper.

- Yani Ransome
I had asked the universe for a teacher, I had asked for something that was going to bring me closer to my truth, I asked for change and it brought me here. 
I truly believe this work can change so many lives, and not only women, but the people who they love and interact with. I'm so grateful that this has come into my life, I am grateful for you and Richard, and I'm so over the moon excited to see how this school will continue to change my life. I love you, and thank you!
- Khrystal Capetillo
Want bonuses? Absolutely!!!
Registering for MOON MYSTERIES will not only give you access to all eight sessions 
with video tutorials and written PDFs, but you'll also get ALL of these bonuses, for FREE. Including...
1. Lifetime Access and Free Updates for Life
I regularly check the course to see if there's anything I can add or improve. 
You will always have access to the most up-to-date information for life!
2. Moon Mysteries 201 - ($297 Value)
 Suffering with PMS and/or PMDD??? - in this seminar Namaste shares the secrets of how to align your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies to help relieve the often debilitating symptoms of untreated PMS. What if this one course helped you get into alignment and relieved your discomfort? This protocol starts with addressing
Estrogenic Dominance and the use of a potent and effective array of non-prescription supplements as the path of relieving PMS!!!   
3. The PMS Protocols ($297.00 Value)
 The PMS Protocol goes deeply into exactly what you need to do to experience relief from the symptoms of PMS and PMDD!!! Most PMS is due to Estrogen Dominance, which affects over 50% of women in the U.S. In this PDF document Namaste explores what supplements you need to use along with a number of different exercises and healing modalities that have helped many women finally get the relief that they have been looking for!   
4. Re-Usable Menstrual Products Review - ($367.00 Value)
There are over 300 different chemicals involved in the manufacture and packaging of women's feminine hygeine products, many are extremely toxic to the human body. Researchers are uncovering disturbing links between exposure to these chemicals and a host of health and/or reproductive issues affecting women. Protect yourself by using all-natural, handmade products whenever possible. In this series of three videos, Namaste reviews her favorite products and gives you all the details on how to obtain your own!!!  
About the Instructor
Namaste Moore
Namaste Moore is a wife and mother of 8 - The Best Selling author of "Yoni Egg Secrets" and the Founder of SOFT – The School of Feminine Transformation. She is a Femininity and Surrender Alchemist, Transformational Doula and Oracle; using her unique gifts, juicy insight and humor in various modalities in the inspiration, revelation and transformation of the experience of Life. 

With training and study in nearly a dozen healing modalities, it is her great privilege and purpose to provide Transmission of Divine Truth, to be a Catalyst for your Entelechy, and a WisdomKeeper for Women's Mysteries.
it's time to reconnect to the Source of Your Power!
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