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Read what women are saying about the SOFT experience......
SOFT Offers a perspective that I don't see anywhere else and speaks to me...
“Soft offers a perspective that I don't see anywhere else and speaks to me. That's the main reason I joined. It has been affirming... And all of the teachings within have been super helpful in making my life easier and having clarity... A return to the innate.. "

Mela Luna
I feel the difference in my daily life and am often told that I look amazing and seem so happy. I feel truly blessed..
“My whole life I have been confident, competent, strong and giving. I was not filled with joy at the prospect of my days, I was filled with stress and fear...
..First I listened, then I participated and soon I was actively seeking the things, people and places that helped me choose joy. 

Tasha Archer 
SOFT has provided a great support system for me....
“Outside of all the awesome lessons, teachings, and tools SOFT has given me a safe place to connect with other women. Before SOFT I only dreamed of having this kind of connection

Growing up without my biological mother...I have longed for female connection. I have always had plenty of male friends but never a group of girlfriends. Having SOFT has given me women I can connect with. It's helped fill a void in my life and with such awesome ladies! I am so thankful for them all and grateful for having SOFT in my life."

Sophia Mays
Namaste Moore, Creator of the School of Feminine Transformation 
.Can you imagine a place where the feminine is passionately and joyfully celebrated!  Do you want to both see and experience that level of sisterhood? You dont have to wait any longer - the School of Feminine Transformation, is here for you. 

Explore courses on your Feminine Archetypes, Health Reset, Wife School, Feminine Spirituality, your Moontime, Sexuality, Yoni Eggs, Feminine Based Business and so much more!!

For some of our customers, paying a small monthly fee for participating in SOFT is PERFECT. 
For others, having to remember to pay a monthly bill is a source of low-level stress that they could do without!

I know that you work too hard to be wasting time on things that aren’t pushing you forward. 
So in response to the requests from many of our fantastic SOFT Muses, we figured out a way to bring you a LIFETIME membership in SOFT, and completely eliminate having to pay a monthly payment.  

Welcome Home.
SOFT is important because YOU are important.
Wouldnt it be wonderful to be able to give to your tribe from your overflow instead of your candle burning at both ends? 
 Your energy, your peace, your feminine vitality, your ability to flow effortlessly and in your own special brand of strong...strong enough to be SOFT. 
Namaste Moore
The Feminine Alchemist
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