There IS someone out there who is SO much better for you...who actually deserves your time and attention.
The Dating For Marriage Masterclass is the key to finding that person.
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During This Exciting Masterclass You'll Discover:
  • How to reveal the exact qualities you are looking for in a prospective spouse...even if you have little experience dating (or have had a number of negative experiences)!!!
  • Learn what you should know about your prospective mate...before you commit.
  • Why first dates are one of the most nerve-wracking, anxiety-producing situations in our society - unless you know these communication secrets that keep the conversation flowing effortlessly - even if 'making small talk' has been a huge problem for you in the past!
  • When is sex appropriate? Is it part of courtship at all?
  • Achieve clarity regarding the do's and dont's regarding dating with intention and courting!!!
  • Learn how to establish guidelines for conduct with gentleman callers and beaus...
  • How to softly tell a man you want to end things without wounding.
  • Discover The Way To Talk To Him That Will Instantly Establish You as Unique and Precious and Set You Apart From Any Women He's Ever Known!!
  • Introverted?  If you’re an introvert, dating can seem close to impossible - we reveal 7 ways that being an introvert actually gives you the advantage in dating and courtship with intention!!!
  • Over FOUR Hours of Step-by-Step Instruction, BONUS PDF's, Q&A And this amazingly low price..
  • And SO MUCH MORE!!!!
Baba Richard & 
Sri Namaste
Baba Richard & Sri Namaste are dynamic, engaging teachers - they pull out all the stops during this class to directly share the secrets on courtship and dating that you need to know!! 

...We almost named this class, "Get Married In One Year!" 
What People Are Saying...
"Baba Richard and Sri Namaste walk their talk - the information in this class is pure gold!!" - T.L.

"Within 24 hours of taking this class, I have 3 new dates scheduled, 2 new profiles..and Im minus one "Its Complicated"!!!  - J.N.

"I never knew there was a distinct difference between dating and courtship - this changes everything for me!!!" -M.O..

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